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Pei Chia Enterprise co., Ltd is the Activated Carbon Manufacturer in Vietnam. Pei Chia was founded in 2007. The company policy intends to improve the efficiency of operation, quality control.In the first year, the company’s production capacity was at 1,000 tons per year. The company continually increases its capacity and reached the production level of 3,000 tons per year by end of year 2020.Therefore, the company has implemented the International Standard Organization (ISO 9001:2015) operation system.

Eco-friendly factory

When we planned our factory, we knew there were two criteria it had to fulfill. Firstly, it had to be a dedicated joinery facility that could properly serve the extensive needs of our clients. Secondly, it needed to lead the way in eco-friendly manufacturing. Our sustainable factory opened in 2010, and we've continued to boost its eco-credentials ever since.